HB Service Charges for Furniture

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    Lisa Stewart

    Furniture charges are usually eligible as long as it a condition of occuping the tenancy and will not become the property of the tenant. I have a new project where the tenant can arrange to get from the landlord furniture at an increased renatl cost and the furniture will remain the property of the landlord. The tenant will have to sign an agreement with the landlord for the provision of the furniture which will form part of the tenancy agreement.

    Would this be considered eligible? can anyone give me any reference to case law/tribunal decisions that might help?

    Andy Thurman

    “the furniture will remain the property of the landlord”

    Sounds OK to me. 🙂

    Many LA’s/RP’s offer a choice of a furnished tenancy or otherwise in this manner.

    Chris Robbins

    Seems to me to be clear cut. I assume any tenant wishing to take advantage of furnished accommodation will have to sign a variation to the landlord’s normal tenancy agreement. In such cases the payment of the furniture charge will be a condition for that tenant in that property, so the charge is eligilbe under Reg 12(1)(e).
    Subject to the usual caveat that the charge is reasonable it is eligible for HB.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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