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    I am presently looking at updating my authority’s website – unfortunately it is out of date.

    Due to the nature of the benefits environment, how does anybody keep on top of all the changes and manage to do their day to day job at the same time?!

    Does anyone out there have a website that they manage to keep up to date, and if so how to you manage to do so? Do you do it yourself or do you buy in expertise?

    Any help/ advice / suggestions would be greatly appreciated…


    Our website, has a number of Officers who each maintain their own section.

    I am responsible for the Benefit side.

    As it is produced via Lotus notes, it is very easy to update and once it was up and running, you only need to add/remove items occasionally.

    Click on the website link below to see what I mean.

    if you wish to use any part of it please feel free.


    I am responsible for the Benefit portion of our website, which is maintained using a Content Management System (it’s quite easy to use and on similar lines to using MS Word). My Head of Service checks all content before authorising and publishing it.

    I do find it difficult juggling other duties and the website and as it’s new to us our initial thoughts are to update once a month beginning with some basic information with our next update hopefully including some downloadable forms.



    Webdivauk (do they call you that in the office?), since you’re responsible for keeping your site up to date can I make a couple of suggestions for some changes:

    1) The time limit for notifying changes that lead to increased benefit is not 4 weeks – it is 1 month.

    2) People who have over £16,000 can get HB/CTB if they get Guarantee Credit too.


    I am going to get the job of getting my new authorities website (benefit part) off the ground. Does anyone have all the usual relevant info structure etc to hand and if so could they send it to me please @

    I would be very grateful, also it seems to me that like other things in benefits this would be better if some sort of group shared the work what do others think?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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