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    There’s a new(ish) HBMS referral called HBTC003. Essentially it says claimant gets tax credits which the LA knows about but tax credits say they have a partner.

    So far, so good. However when I’ve contacted tax credits and asked for the partner details I’m told ….

    “Unfortunately the information which you have requested is beyond what you are permitted to receive for administration of housing benefit/council tax.” 😯

    What is the point of having this referral if the taxman won’t give you the info?? 👿

    Any ideas?


    Could your fraud officers not request the information?


    Possibly, but they are very busy.

    My big whinge is why bring in a new HBMS type only for the tax credits to refuse information. It makes no sense at all. 😕

    Kevin D

    Ahhhhh – that would be joined-up-government, would it not? 🙄

    Chris Cook

    Rules HBTC003/CTTC003.

    The rule guides do specify that the rules are an indication only that the HB/CTB customer is possibly living with a partner either at the HB/CT address, TC address or another address supplied by CIS etc. Further investigations should be made to suitably verify the information supplied on the HBMS referral.

    The referrals we had did name the alleged partner (TC details) and we are currently investigating these cases.

    Chris Cook


    You could perhaps ask the Tax Credits section why they think Para 7 of Schedule 5 of the Tax Credit Act 2002 does not apply. After all, they are happy to use this to get info from us?

    [b:da67bbcb5e]Exchange of information between Board and authorities administering certain benefits[/b:da67bbcb5e]
    7 (1) This paragraph applies to information which is held for the purposes of functions relating to tax credits, child benefit or guardian’s allowance-

    (a) by the Board, or
    (b) by a person providing services to the Board, in connection with the provision of those services.
    (2) Information to which this paragraph applies may be supplied by or under the authority of the Board-

    (a) to an authority administering housing benefit or council tax benefit, or
    (b) to a person authorised to exercise any function of such an authority relating to such a benefit,
    for use in the administration of such a benefit.


    Grrrrrrrr 👿

    I just rang tax credits to get someones award. After giving all the info needed (name, nino, date of birth, post code, dogs name, mothers best friends favourite perfume etc etc) the conversation went like this…

    Advisor – Sorry but you have failed our security procedure

    Me – What does that mean?

    Advisor – it means you have failed our security procedure.

    Me – Yes but why?

    Advisor – Because some of the information does not correspond with what we have.

    Me – Fair enough, which bits?

    Advisor – I can’t tell you.

    Me – WHY?

    Advisor – Because I can’t.

    Me – OK but why

    Advisor – Because you have failed our security procedure.

    I put the phone down HARD.

    You couldn’t make it up, could you? 😯


    Have had the same thing on several occasions! What makes it worse is one day you can ‘pass’ the security questions and the next you don’t, even providing the same info. 😕

    Chris Cook

    Also had the same problem. Realised I was giving the LA information (slightly different) from what was on the TC award information from HBMS.
    I asked if I could start again and gave them the HBMS CTC/WTC info. They gave me the details I required with no problems.
    If you have a choice always quote from CTC/WTC info.


    Chris, I wish I could. In this case she has never supplied any CTC/WTC information. 🙄


    I cannot understand why that kind of security screening routine is used when the enquiry comes from another agency.

    Surely they need to be satisfied that YOU are who you say YOU are – not how much you know about the claimant.

    It would make more sense for them to hold personal details about all HB staff and make you quote those before they disclose info about the claimant.

    Chris Cook

    Martin, I thought your enquiry was related to one of the HBTC003 HBMS enquiries you had earlier, that is why I suggested using the details contained in that referral.

    Otherwise all I can suggest is try a DCI check, see if there are any details held differently (previous name, middle name, spelling etc) and try again with Tax Credits.

    Good luck

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