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    This may be a silly question, but what are people actually doing with the NTC disk?

    The guidance says, “It is recommended that you use the Tax Credits HBMS scan to determine which cases you need to contact IR for renewed awards”.

    Is that practical? Has anyone actually contacted IR in respect of the entire list of, say 3% of their caseload?

    Ours has just landed and I am thinking of contacting the claimant direct and doing interventions on them. Surely they are a high risk as the cases that are on the High Risk Disk?


    The second part of my question is that I am led to believe that we should be getting around 0.5% of our caseload per month referred via HBMS data matches. For my authority that should be around 30 a month – this month I have four, and it generally varies between half a dozen or a dozen – last month I had 28 which was exceptional – but that is still lower than 30.

    Is this normal? What percentage do other sites get each month?


    Our CD had about 200 cases on it of which approximately half had not forwarded their final award. These are in the process of being visited as interventions to obtain the award letter. Ringing the Tax Credit helpline and attempting to get the correct information will be used as a last resort.

    Louise Dyson

    Re: HBMS data matches, lucky you – only 4!
    We are supposed to get 230, that’s 0.5% of our case load, last month we received 138, it varies from 100 to 152. I get the impression from conversations with other LA’s they are not receiving 0.5% of their caseload either. We are going through a period of data cleansing to see if this increases our matches but on the whole I take the opinion that I can’t do what I don’t get, probably not my managers opinion though.


    Does anyone know if the NTC scan shows cases that have been actually renewed, or cases that renewal forms have been submitted? (and not necessarily processed).

    I checked a case with the TC office and they told me the latter – which makes the scan less useful than I initially thought – there’s not a lot of point doing what I intended (interventions) with these cases as they will end up sending back last year’s letter – and probably the day later we have looked at it getting a new award for this year – but declining to tell us.


    Circular A20 2004 states;

    [i:d13e71dd3f]How will this work?
    40 There is a data feed between IR and DWP. From April the data will contain a ‘case finalised/renewed’ marker. This can be matched with LA records via HBMS and the information sent to each LA on a four weekly basis from May to October. The scan will be provided on CD.
    41 HBMS will send the CD along with the information you receive on risk-based reviews and data-matching referrals. This package of information will be sent by courier to one designated contact point within each LA, whose responsibility it will be to distribute the contents to the relevant Managers. You should check that the designated contact point in your LA is aware of who they need to pass the Tax Credits scan to.
    42 The scan will show the cases that have been [b:d13e71dd3f]finalised and renewed[/b:d13e71dd3f]. It will provide details of the HB/CTB customer’s NINO, surname, forename, address, post code and the LA reference number. The scan will provide information to confirm which of your customers have been given a finalised/renewed tax credits award. It is intended to be a useful tool to help you to know which cases have been renewed and therefore when to contact IR for full details of the awards. It will not provide details of the new tax credits payments. [/i:d13e71dd3f]

    We certainly therefore expected the cases on the scan to be those which had been finalised and actually renewed but in the weird world of Tax Credits anything is possible !!!


    Our CD seems to contain claimants who have received finalised awards. The first 20 were checked and, for those where a finalised award had not been received in the office, the TC help line confirmed finalised awards had been issued to the claimant.


    I too am getting way below what I expected (50 matches per month). This month I got 13 and last month 17. I queried the numbers with HBMS and was told:
    ‘as your LA does not have any data problems or incidents the number of matches and hits produced each month seem correct. Every LA differs so it is difficult to say if yoyu are receiving the correct amount or not. I cannot see any reason why the amount of referral issued at present should go up, unless there was a glitch in your data’.

    We will still get the ‘normal’ HBMS matches that we expect 3 times per year aswell.
    If it’s of any help, my caseload is just over 10,000.

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