Help- Is this a Social Landord or not?

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    We have been told by Moat Hsg Association that they are passing all their PSL properties to Avenue Lettings Company.

    Avenue Lettings are quoted as an ‘associate’ of the Amicus group who is registered as a social landord with the Housing Corporation (as refered to in Reg 2(1).)

    The tenancy agreement our claimants now hold is with Avenue Lettings, acting as agents for the private landord.

    Has anyone else had this scenario recently. Should these cases be referred to the RO or should Avenue be treated as a registered social landlord and therefore be exempt?


    I suspect not, but try visiting…

    hope that helps.


    Sorry to raise this issue again after such a long time.

    We have a claim from someone who is renting a property from Amicus Horizon (trading as Avenue). We had included this as an HA but the tenant has said it should not be as Avenue are private sector leasing agreements. We have contacted Amicus and they have just confirmed that Avenue ar a trading entity of Amicus Horizon.

    It seems that Avenue enter a leasing agreement with a private landlord and guarantee to pay them the rent.

    It seems that this is therefore not an HA tenancy but a private sector one. However, which tenure type should we use? Is it an LHA claim? Or maybe a PTEN-STLA? Any thoughts gratefully received!


    If the RP owns or leases the property (as appears to be) it’s excluded from the LHA arrangements.

    Please tell me – PTENSTLA?(it’s not an abbreviation I know!)



    PTENSTLA in Northgate speak is ‘private tenancy short term lease agreement’.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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