help needed with an IS96 for an Iranian national

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    Julie Wilson

    I have received a claim from an Iranian national.
    An illegal entrant decision was made in 2002 and the claimant has an IS96 that was issued in October 2006 giving temporary admission with the following restictions:

    You must reside at x
    You must report monthly to an immigration officer

    However, the claimant does not reside at the address named on the IS96.

    My question is – does the IS96 allow us to pay HB and if so what implications are there about the fact the claimant does not reside at the specified address.


    I haven’t seen one for a while but from what I can recall they are temporary admission but liable to be detained at any time?

    Based on this they do not have leave to remain and are ineligible using 115(9)(a) of the Immigration and Asylum Act.

    It will be worth advising the local Immigraiton Enforcement office of the new address.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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