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    Two frustrated training officers are trying to produce simple training notes on how to deal with Tax Credit overpayments.

    How are other L.A.’s dealing with these? Are you able to use the Award notification letters or are you having to contact the Inland Revenue in order to obtain the information for HB/CTB purposes.


    The first figure we look at on the award is the “amount to be paid (as shown below).” All the various amounts above this can be ignored. The amount to be paid is spread over the period it is meant to cover and converted to a weekly figure.

    You are only interested in the amount to be paid and not any overpayment. The only time an overpayment affects this is when the recovery stops. If this happens during the financial year we calculate the TC as though there had been a predictable change.


    We always tend to phone and check that we have the most up to date award. We also take account of all the changes in the year. We put together a proforma for staff to use when phoning the Inland Revenue which will then enable them to calculate the amount for HB/CTB purposes.

    I have recently found cases however that just dont balance due to an overpayment being recovered for WTC which is not mentioned on the award notice….. My advice – always phone and double check.

    Good luck with the notes by the way – Can you get simple training notes for Tax Credits??????? :27:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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