HMRC paying wrong amount of Tax Credits?

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    And claimants won’t be re-imbursed.

    Apparently June 2010 budget annoucment for Tax credit withdrawl rate was implemented on I.T. side but regs not amended.

    See first few paragraphs from Tuesday’s Hansard.

    Alex G

    I like the suggestion :

    Lord McKenzie of Luton: My Lords, I was going to start by welcoming the noble Lord, Lord Sassoon, to our Committee deliberations, which I now do a little belatedly. It seems to me that the proposition we are hearing today is that you collect the tax you want and then you align the legislation with it in due course


    “My Lords, if the technician who spotted it was not part of the original drafting, he or she is to be congratulated.”

    Oh yes, they’ll be ‘congratulated’ alright


    Lord Sassoon: As the law stands, HMRC is giving people less money than the law says that it should.

    I dont think this is a first. The administration of tax credits has been a bit of a disaster really. But then, they never wanted the job in the first place….


    Don’t you just love Baroness Hollis? She totally “owned” the minister…again!


    [quote=aurum1313]Oh yes, they’ll be ‘congratulated’ alright[/quote]

    Just like i was when i spotted assessors at my old authority were awarding the carer premium but not including Carers Allowance as an income – and had been for many years. £30k of LA error overpayments later… boy was i ‘popular’.


    [quote]you collect the tax you want and then you align the legislation with it in due course[/quote]

    Like HB subsidy!


    [quote]Lord Sassoon: My Lords, … There is nothing magic about the amount of money and the juxtaposition. I know that June 2010 seems a while ago now but this was the emergency Budget in which we needed to do a number of things, not least set out a very clear plan to deal with the inherited deficit.
    Noble Lords: Oh no! [/quote]


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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