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    Completly changed this as it confused me and I wrote it!

    We have a Nightshelter in Oxford which charges daily rents. At present we receive details of the residents every Monday that were in the previous week, together with benefit applications. We have been taking the view that one application will be sufficient irrespective of the number of nights that the resident stays there as well as the number of instances that it happens.

    For example, we receive an application form for X stating that he was there Tuesday and Wednesday, so we pay two nights benefit (Reg 80(4)(a)). however if we receive an application and information to say that resident Y was in there Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, we still accept one application and pay for three nights.

    My concern is that now the effective date of a change in circumstances for someone with a daily liability is the date of the change, does this mean that with resident Y his claim effectively ends on the Wednesday and a new application is needed for the Friday?

    Is it a case of what is practical conflicts with what the law requires?

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