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    We have a couple of hostels in our area where Supporting People funding has been withdrawn. The hostels have now increased the rent charge to account for this.

    Previously we have always paid the shortfall between the RO figure and the contractual rent.

    Have other authorities experienced the same situation and how did you deal with the new increased charge i.e. how did you fund the increased shortfall.



    This is EXACTLY what DWP has been imploring Hb not to do i.e. allow SP charges to come back into HB via the back door. Despite this, it is going on right across the UK as SP budgets are slashed.

    What powers you have to refuse is another matter. However, as the RO has deemed the rent is too expensive anyway, you have a stronger argument. I presume you could use the old reg 12 – unreasonable rent increase. Will need to put thinking cap on for more thoughts.


    Can you not simply say that the rent now includes ineligible charges and make deductions as appropriate, as it is transparently obvious that the abnormal increase is to cover the cost of services that formerly came under SP? And, as Peter points out, the RO determination should back this up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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