Housing association service charge for maintaing electrial kitchen and laundry equipment

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    Kully Bains

    I need some help, with the following service charge and if its eligible :there are five flats and each one has a service charge of £16.60 per week which is broken down as below: Would this service charge be for annual maintenance of the equipment below? if the landlord has purchased these goods , they will recover the cost after four years through housing benefit.

    Initial annual
    costs costs

    Free standing fridge/freezer 400.00 100.00
    Electric hob/oven 560.00 140.00
    Integrated washer/dryer 520.00 130.00
    Extractor hood and splashback 200.00 50.00
    Window blinds 0.00 0.00
    Carpets 300.00 75.00
    Maintenance/replacement – white goods 10% 168.00
    Maintenance – carpets/blinds 4% 0.00
    Maintenance/service – smoke alarm
    Maintenance/service – central heating
    Clearance costs 5% 84.00

    Andy Thurman

    These seem reasonable – furnished tenancies are eligible and the amounts seem reasonable at a quick glance.
    As long as the goods remain the landlord’s property I’d be happy to allow.


    I am certain Universal Credit will cover all of these costs.

    In the meantime, are the headings eligible? Yes
    Are the amounts reasonable? – look about double what I would normally expect to see

    Kevin D

    The only item that may be open to argument is the cost relating to smoke alarms. There are several threads where the issue of smoke alarm eligibility has been discussed; some hold the view that para 1(c) of Schedule one includes ALL types of emergency alarms and others view it otherwise. There is also a question about the word “provision” in this context as to whether this means only the initial provision or whether the context includes, in this case, ongoing maintenance etc.

    A search for “smoke alarm” or “emergency alarm” should find the earlier threads.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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