Housing Benefit Review – DWP visits

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    can we count these as interventions (risk based)?

    and what are sites doing where work on these cases has to cease until the DWP visit team have done their bit and days to process changes are affected by the delay?

    can sites cleanse these days off or simply take the hit!


    I always used to count these as ‘reviews’ . Circular F7/2002 might help, Annex E had a Q & A brief. I’ve attached a relevant question below.
    Can’t help you with your other point about ‘taking the hit’ on delaying processing where DWP are doing a review, although you might be able to argue that seeing as DWP expect us to process a change resulting from HBR within 5 days, we could theoretically turn this point back o them and say ‘ok then, we’ve got a change pending o this case, you do your review within the next 5 days then’.

    From F7/2002 (presumablystill relevant)

    Q. What benefits are there for LAs?

    A. LAs will be able to claim WIB rewards under the New Incentive Scheme (NIS) that has replaced the Weekly Benefit Savings (WBS) scheme, and will be able to count HBR reviews for VF. Referrals for ‘High Suspicion’ could lead to sanctions and prosecutions which are also rewarded under the NIS. In the longer term, intelligence from measurement and risk profiling information will enable LAs to tackle fraud and error more effectively and efficiently. In addition, LAs will be funded according to the number of cases selected for sample. FSU will therefore pay the LAs for the extra work on the following basis:

    • £400 for a 20 case visit (includes 1 day for case retrieval)
    • £500 for a 40 case visit (includes 2 days for case retrieval)
    • £600 for a 60 case visit (includes 3 days for case retrieval)

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