Housing Costs and Savings Credit

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    We have had TPS on the phone saying that they intend to write to customers about the effect of Housing Costs, within a Savings Credit award, on their HB/CTB.

    The example quoted was that, if a person’s Savings Credit of £10.00 included housing costs of £9.00 then the LA has been notified that SC was £1.00, whereas it should have been £10.

    Has anyone heard anything about this?


    not come across this but have had a case where claimant made a successful claim for pension credit in August 2005 which was backdated for the 52 week period and paid from August 2004( entitled to Guarantee and savings credit combined ). The claiamnt provided copies of the Pension credit calculation pages which show that his service charge was added to his appropriate amount as housing costs and therefore he was paid a higher level of pension credit.
    He also made a claim for Housing Benefit in August 2005 which has been assessed from August 2004. The same service charge forms part of his eligible rent and has been paid from August 2004.
    The pension service have only adjusted his appropriate amount from Septemebr 2005 (removed the housing costs) . Claimant is on Guarantee credit. The pension service and the local authority have paid the service charge for the period from August 2004 to Septemebr 2005. It does not seem correct that he has been paid by both the pension service and the local authority.Has anyone else come across this before?


    Yes, pre Pension Credit and still happens now!

    I would imagine there are also plenty of customers missing out when one body or another could be helping towards these costs.

    Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain exactly what people pay and what they get for the money.

    Service charge, ground rent, freeholders fees are all things that people use to describe what they pay- our forms ask do you pay rent?

    Our local Income Support team used to contact us to ask if we were paying towards housing costs/rent and sometimes we found we were both paying!

    This does not seem to happen following the introduction of Pc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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