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    Claire Moses

    I have a case where a family (2 x parents and 4 x children) are fleeing violence from their RSL property. They have been placed by our Housing Team into a Guest House (not one we have used before). The guest house are charging £744 per week for the accommodation for the whole family – as the family have been placed by the Housing team, are we able to restricted the charge at all? or do we treat it as a ‘normal’ temporary accommodation claim?

    Andy Thurman

    There is nothing to be gained from trying to restrict the payment in any way other than ‘clarity’ over where the cost falls within the LA! (There is actually a chance – if the household has excess income – that the cost to the LA as a whole will be reduced by assessing on the full rent as opposed to restricting.)

    You need to liaise with the Housing team to ensure they are fully aware of the ‘local’ cost of this and argue that this cost is met by their budget rather than being seen as an HB matter. If there is naivety re HB subsidy, they may not realise the cost to the LA of this arrangement – clarification may get them moving more quickly towards a better solution (could they take out a 12-month lease on a private property in the area???).

    I don’t suppose the current arrangement is for the whole property (i.e. self-contained??) as this would improve the situation – I’m guessing you’re stuck with the non-SC rate for subsidy??

    Claire Moses


    Thanks for your response. Fortunately they have now moved on so we are only looking at paying 2 weeks – but thats plenty. Yes, it was for 2 rooms and not the whole property so unfortunately we have to go down the non-SC route.

    Thanks you for your clarification

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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