How are manual adjustments accounted for in Subsidy?

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    ben steventon

    Hi All,

    I’m doing some overpayment testing at the moment and I am wondering what I should be seeing in subsidy, per claim, in the following scenario. We are a Civica site if that helps at all.

    Too much HB paid to rent account and manual adjustment (overpayment) created to ‘take back’.
    Period in question 05/04/04 to 19/12/04.
    Subsidy for 2004/05 entire year is £1,928 @ full rate.
    Manual adjustment o/p created on 28/03/11 for period 05/04/04 to 19/12/04; £1068.76.

    This is where I get confused! For 2010/11 I would expect to see £1068.76 in cell 66 as this adjustment would have the affect of reducing what was originally paid in 2004/05.

    The thing is, £1068.76 shows absolutely nowhere in subsidy within 2010/11, or any other years for that matter. I may be entirely incorrect in looking at it this way, but surely there should be a record within subsidy of the overpayment to balance expenditure, otherwise we have claimed £1068.76 in 2004/05 that now, due to an amendment in 2010/11 no longer applies.

    Does this make sense to anybody?

    How is this being accounted for if it doesnt appear in subsidy? Is there something we are not doing correctly when processing manual overpayments?


    As it is a previous year overpayment I would expect it to go into cell 71. I don’t know how Civica works but for subsidy purposes it should definately be recorded in 10/11. Good luck

    ben steventon

    Thanks Beth – I thought that surely it ‘should’ show in an overpayment cell, and given that’s its a previous year, cell 71 would make perfect sense.

    I’ve since logged this with Civica to see what they say about it.


    chris harvey

    Manual adjustments are not accounted for in subsidy at all. Subsidy ignores them. It is the bane of subsidy officers work that all manuals have to be looked at individually and the subsidy cells adjusted manually to take account of the subsidy implications. In my authority we have hundreds of manuals we put on spreadsheets and mark the subsidy implications against each one and at the end of the year we manually amend the subsidy claim.
    In this scenario you need to manually add £1068.76 to cell 71 (assuming it was the claimants fault).


    What Chris said. Just doing ours now as it goes.
    We’re a Northgate site so its reassuring to know that other systems are the same. (just for a change!)


    If you put the correct subsidy code on a manual adjustment it should be reported in Civica subsidy reports.

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