How do you contact the Pension Service?

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    Laura Moore

    I would be really grateful if people could let me know if they contact their local Pension Service by telephone.

    Our Pension Service Centre told us in January that they did not class the L.A. as a customer to their caller centre, and said they would deal with our enquiries by fax only.

    This has been very frustrating, as enquiries that could be dealt with in a quick call now take weeks sometimes. It isn’t helped by things like the customer providing their new year award letter which doesn’t have the AIF on it, and ETDs that don’t make clear when the actual award was made.

    I’m going to a liaison meeting soon, in the hope of changing this arrangement back to phone enquiries. I think this is unreasonable – the IR let Local Authorities call their caller centres with Tax Credit enquiries, so why does the DWP act differently?


    Here in Wales, we have a very good liasion with Pension service, and have a list of names & numbers for the supervisors who deal with each LA.
    We have need to phone them several times a day especially for uprated AIFs etc. and always receive the information or a call back within 24 hours.


    Our area PS office is Crownhill Plymouth and have no problem in calling for info. We too have been supplied with a Tel contact list for the alpha splits which has helped us out no end.
    we have developed a good working relationship at a local level and if we do ever experience any problems know that we can refer these to our local contact or point towards our SLA.


    You need to get in touch with your local office “Command Manager”. Our “command Manager” for the local office that deals with our area has resolved any issues that have arisen.

    Our’s is contactable by telephone and email which is useful.


    Laura, if you e-mail me your LA and full details, I will take it up at the next liaison meeting with the PS.

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