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    I am looking at how many “assessments” my assessors process each day – I appreciate authorities are set up differently and there are 101 factors to take into account, but what is a reasonable expectation? – For consistency assume an “assessment” results in a decision notice in respect of a claim (be it HB,CTB or both). Therefore, how many decision notices do your assessors produce?

    My assessors do not “pre-assess” claims, but do deal with telephone & counter queries and do their own Ctax adjustments. Also, assume that the assessor is fully trained.

    For the record, my authority’s average is just over 12 a day per assessor – but we do have a lot of IT downtime/system slowness which doesn’t help matters!


    You will probably get a variety of answers with this one so good luck. Although I can’t offer an answer (in my previous authority it was 3 claims per hour with only exceptional telephone calls / visits), one way that I have come across is to grade the type of claim and then provide the assessors with the target. For instance, a Council Tax IS renewal would be worth 2 points, a self-employed Rent Allowance claim worth 10. The assessors’ target would be 50.

    This seems to spread the load a bit and prevents cherry picking.

    Unfortunately I can’t remember the authorities that use this method but hopefully if they see this they’ll be able to give more info.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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