How many rooms ?

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    Simple question – how many rooms would you apply in this situation;

    1 x Couple
    1 x boy 10-15
    2 x boys <9
    1 x girl <9

    Our web calculator gives us 4 rooms yet our system gives 3 😕


    Jut a quick question out of interest mwigg1, whatever happened to the appeal in the thread you just posted?


    That appeal was heard and disallowed – there was 2 boys and 2 girls so they would always end up sharing. The case I had where there was 3 of one and 1 of the other never got to appeal stage unfortunately.

    Carol Meredith

    I would agree with your system.
    Two children under 9 share (girl and boy), and the other 2 boys share, then room for the couple.



    Or to look at it another way, allocating one room for each occupier who falls within one of these categories as per Reg 13D(3)

    (a) a couple – [b:47d1bece91]Yep[/b:47d1bece91]
    (b) a person who is not a child – N/A
    (c) two children of the same sex – [b:47d1bece91]2 boys < 9[/b:47d1bece91]
    (d) two children who are less than 10 yrs old – N/A
    (e) a child – [b:47d1bece91]girl < 9 [/b:47d1bece91]AND [b:47d1bece91]boy 10-15[/b:47d1bece91]

    = 4 rooms

    It depends whether you start from the youngest child working up or the eldest child working down.

    The regs do not specify either way so there are a lot of people who say you should give the customer the maximum number of rooms possible, in the interests of benefit maximisation etc.

    Julian Hobson

    You must go with the most advantageous as it is more likley to accurately reflect the living arrangements and to do anything else would be unnecessarily punitive.


    [quote:e1c2071d5a]You must go with the most advantageous…[/quote:e1c2071d5a]
    Quite strong words… I think this is something authorities just need to decide for themselves, at least until the regs are ammended or we get some caselaw. Unfortunately it seems that the decision is currently being made by software providers and I imagine most claims are just going through at the lower rate.

    [quote:e1c2071d5a]…to do anything else would be unnecessarily punitive.[/quote:e1c2071d5a]
    That would depend on the size of the property and the rent charged. If this family is in a 3-bed property but they are told they would be entitled to the 4-bed rate, it wouldn’t surprise me if the landlord went and increased the rent at the first opportunity! That would not be to anyone’s advantage (except the landlord’s).

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