How many stats for an EP?

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    Currently we have to do a ‘work around’ on our system in order to pay extended payments correctly.

    We have to cancel the claim (suppress the stat) and then award the extended payment. After the 4 weeks if we have the information to assess an in-work claim do we suppress that stat or allow it as another cic stat?

    As we have had to cancel the claim in the first place to award the extended payment, if they do not respond to the request for further information in relation to the in work claim we are adversing the decision. Should this be suppress?

    Thanks for you help on a messy work around.


    I questioned this with the DWP last year. They confirmed that the award of the Epay is a superceeding decision so should create a CIC stat, the in work claim (if there is one) is a further change which should create another stat.


    From what you are saying, because of a system error (Academy i believe) you first have to ‘cancel’ the claim on the system to award the EP. Correct?

    The cancellation would be suppressed (its not a true assessment, after all), but the EP should go through as normal, unsupressed.

    You then have yourself a problem: if the claimant comes back with the info, process the ‘in work claim’ using the dates as per the norm as a CIC, but if the claimant does not come back… what then for the already cancelled claim once the EP expires and the claim becomes ‘dormant’ on the system?

    I’d suggest you run an adverse decision through the claim (stats unsuppressed) once 1 month has elapsed from the date you asked them to provide the info for the in-work claim.

    At least, that would be my suggestion…


    Thank you for your help

    Seems strange to get two stats for technically one CICs?

    Thanks again.


    The DWP has guidance on how to count change events for stats purposes. Presumably whoever drafted your previous dates procedures would have followed this…

    Kully Bains

    we use academy and have staretd to process extended payments without having to cancel the claim and it seems to work fine and the correct stats are recorded .

    Kully Bains

    just a note about the stats :
    G17/2010 States
    “If the customer does not respond to the request for evidence/information or is not entitled to in-work HB/CTB and the claim is terminated, the processing time would begin on receipt of the ETD/CIS prompt and end when the decision is made to terminate the claim.”
    Academy treats this as a advance notification
    example :
    ETD or IWK4 recieved on 12/05/2011 customer started work 12/05/2011 and is entitled to a extended payment.
    Extended payment awarded from 16/05/2011 to 12/06/2011
    letter issued for inwork details on 16/05/2011
    no response therefore claim needs terminating and earliest date it can be terminated is on 17/06/2011.
    Academy change notiifed date is 12/05/2011
    Benefit termination date is 13/06/2011
    change of circs stat recorded as 5 days because its treated as a advance notification and the count is only made from 13/06/2011.
    Do you think academy is correctly treating this as an advance chnage ?


    I have had a few requests from my staff members for a desk aid that instructs them about collecting stats on Academy i.e. when to suppress, when to collect, what dates to use etc. I don’t suppose anyone has one that they would be willing to share with me 😉 It would be much appreciated!


    If you do it would be good to see too! Thanks 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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