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    We have a claim where the husband ( the claimant) has died.The current CTB claim is assesed on the widow’s income.However, I have just found an overlooked ETD stating that the husband had been awarded savings credit before he died. We haven’t actually changed the CTB to reflect this.

    We have checked via RATS and although the husband died in November 2004, the Pension Service still have the pension credit in the husband’s name.They don’t appear to have caught up with the fact he has died.

    So, as we know that the pension credit is incorrect and we are currently assessing the claim on income only ( and not the savings credit), should we carry on like this, or are we bound to use the pension service figures even though they are incorrect ( and to use them will cause an overpayment)? Any suggestions would be welcomed,especially as I know from bitter experience that the pension service are unlikely to amend their figures in the near future!


    I have seen cases where the ETD shows the deceased claimant is still the claimant, but it does actually provide the new AIF etc for the ‘partner’. Are you sure the RAT is not providing you with the new figures for the wife on her own, along with a start date for them?


    I would suggest doing a new RATS and checking the info. If the PS is in the husbands name and not the claimants I would say that as he is not part of the claim you can treat it as a standard claim and verify it yourselves.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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