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    We have our first conversion. The IB was 108.05pw and the ESA is also 108.05pw which includes a TA of 13.80, so his income is unchanged. When we do the calc on Iworld, CTB goes up, as although the applicable amounts are the same (due to a TA) the income is now less, 94.25, as the ESA TA of 13.80 is info only. I assume the TA is to be treated as income so that CTB entitlement remains unchnaged? Am I right? Thanks.


    Yes Ryan,

    Northgate i think initially expected users to key the FULL amount of ESA under the ESA(C) code (ie basic ESA AND the ESA TA) then have the ESA TA keyed separately with an “info only” box ticked.

    However, we have decided just to input the ESA(C) as the standard rate and input the ESA TA separately.

    We do NOT tick the “Info Only” box for ESA(C) transitional additon – so it is counted in full as income.

    But we would tick the “Info Only” Box if it is an ESA(IR) TA.- so that it is counted in SHBE.

    We hope that will work okay !!

    But yes- the TA in ESA(C) should be counted as income


    Thanks for your help, we have ticked the info only box in the system parameters so will amend this. Nice and simple first one, look forward to the 537 others to follow!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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