Improving PI’s – Help Required

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    I am going to say this fairly quitely, we do not have the dreaded ‘B’ word but we do have more work outstanding than we would like and our PI’s are not hideous but then agin they are far from the top quartile.

    We have 6 FTE staff, only 3 of which have more than 12 months experience and we have 2 un-filled vacancies which we hope to appoint to next week.

    We have a new claims and a change of circs team. We also have Northgate and Northgate Workflow, since we went live with it 12 months ago we have struggled. The documents allocate on a round robin basis and each document has a number of days completion which counts down to when it goes ‘out of date’ and becomes LA error.

    Can anybody provide any hints, guidance, advice, words of wisdom etc as to:

    i) How other LA’s manage to clear their back… err I mean outstanding work.
    ii) How they manage to achieve punching COC’s in under 9 days and New Claims in under 25 days (or whatever the top quartile figure is).
    iii) Keep the LA errors down and therefore acheiving maximum subsidy.

    There are loads of LA’s acheiving this and if any want to share their knowledgeI would be very grateful. I have seen jmemburys post on the other board and have taken the idea’s as a starting point but I am open to all suggestions.

    Like I say, anything posted very much appreciated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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