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    First post. Does any one have any thoughts on in-claim activity in place of annual review for pensioners. Are we only going to rely on data matching? If so will the range of data we can ‘match’ to increase?


    david kearney

    unless i’ve missed the point of all this, the majority of pensioners will be assessed on either the basis of them receiving the guarantee credit or by using the AIF for those in receipt of the savings credit. Other than the predicted 15% or so of pensioner hb/ctb claimants who will receive neither credit, we will not hold any income details worth matching with anything and i can’t see any point in hbms matching.
    but, who knows

    Laura Moore

    I understood the last ‘Dear Benefit Manager’ letter sent on 12th June promised that a review of the VF framework would be carried out over the summer, with decisions announced in September. They said that it would be ‘..a new in-claim regime enshrined within the Verification Framework’ and this would offset the reduction in work from abolishing benefit periods for pensioners, and for working age people (from April 2004). So it sounds like more information will arrive in a few months.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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