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    Good morning all,

    I’m afraid that I’ve confused myself with an income question, so would be grateful for any opinions on the following claim:

    The claimant was awarded an EPP for the period 22/08/11 – 18/09/11 following her return to work, which was, according to the contract of enmployment, 15/08/11.

    The first wage slip received in this employment is dated 30/09/11, so I assume this covers the period 15/08/11 – 30/09/11 (GTD confirms that no prior wage slips have been issued). The wage slip includes holiday hours which the employer has confirmed relates to the period 22/08/11 – 27/08/11.

    Firstly, should I input the wage slip in its entirety from 19/09/11, including the holiday pay, since it does relate to the period of the wage slip, or should I break it down further and input an amount equivalent to the holiday pay for the aforementioned period and reduce the remainder of the wage slip accordingly?

    Secondly, as the wage slip appears to relate to a period in excess of one month, how would I need to enter this e.g. calculate a weekly income figure?

    The October wage slip is very similar (£20.00 or so different); would it be more appropriate to input this from 19/09/11?



    I would not make any assumptions when it comes to payslips.

    Find out what period each payslip relates to, then calculate an average. 15 Aug – 31 Oct is 11 weeks and a day – seems as good a period as any to take an estimate.

    I would not remove holiday pay from the calculation since it would normally replace actual earnings, ie she’s not being paid twice for 22 Aug – 27 Aug.


    Thanks for the feedback. I will write to the claimant in order to clarify the exact periods to which the wage slips relate to.

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