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    Can anyone help with the following query please.

    We have a lady who was previously in receipt of JSAC up until the 31.1.11 when she failed to attend.

    We now know that she then became a graduate intern on the 24.1.11 for an 8 week internship working with international candidates within a faculty of professional studies at the Thames Valley University.

    She received £200.00 per week payment for the 8 weeks of the internship, which was paid in 3 installments –
    Month 1 – 600.00 taxable + 200.00 – tax free
    Month 2 – 600.00 – taxable
    Month 3 – 200.00 – tax free

    The document she supplied states that 6 weeks are subject to tax and NI at normal rate. The final payment is subject to the successful assignment submission.

    She was not allowed to claim JSA during this period.

    Can anyone confirm whether or not the income she received from the internship should be treated as income or should it be disregarded. We have never come across this before.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you 🙂

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