Incorrect award of a benefit

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    Scenario: claimant states partner will no longer be entitled to carer’s allowance as ptnr now aged 60 and will therefore receive SRP. Claim amended to remove carer’s allowance, insert SRP and entitlement to carer premium remains on claim – hunky dory.

    At a later date, claimant provides bank statements which confirm that carer’s allowance has continued to be paid into the account even though there’s no entitlement.

    Would you treat this as income received until such time as confirmation is provided that the income is no longer in payment? If so and the claimant doesn’t have to pay the overpayment back, from what date would you remove it from the claim – the date it paid up to or the date there was no longer an entitlement?


    Good Afternoon Twill

    You have written that the applicant has stated thier partner no longer recieves carer’s allowance – [b:7e6435b384]do you have proof from the DWP to confirm that C/A ceased?[/b:7e6435b384]

    You also state that you have removed C/A from claim, however, left Carer’s Premium on claim – [b:7e6435b384]do you have confirmation from DWP that applicant does not recieve any monetary value as SRP exceeds C/A amount, therefore, leaving U/E to C/A only?[/b:7e6435b384]

    You state that applicant has provided proof at a later date which shows C/A still being paid – [b:7e6435b384]have they informed the C/A section that they are now recieving SRP?[/b:7e6435b384]

    If the claimant is recieving the money, then it should be used as income, which I would use upto the date C/A ceases to continue with payments.

    Hope this helps you on your way to completing the process.

    🙂 🙂

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