Increase in overpayments

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    Running the rule over our subsidy claim for 2005-6 and comparing to 2004-5, eligible overpayments have increased by:

    non-HRA rebates – 19.85%
    HRA Rebates – 50.66%
    Rent Allowances – 40.32%
    Council Tax Ben – 27.53%

    Anyone want to share their figures, if only so I can show it’s not just us but a nationwide issue caused, in part by the abolition of review periods?

    ….unless it is just us then I’ll shut up and think of something/one else to blame 😳

    Kevin D


    Surely you’re not suggesting that the abolition of benefit periods / renewal claims means ppl are failing to notify the LA of CofCs? I’m shocked. 😯 After all, the DWP / government (small “g”) must have given great consideration to the changes….and after great consultation with about, ooh, 3 LAs….. So, it must be the fault of LAs for an inadequate number of interventions (which, as it happens, may not be lawful in any case).

    For clarity: there is no cynicism at all in the above. Nope, absolutely not. None at all. Just realism…. *cough*.

    I have a dream…. One day, a government will actually put together a Social Security system that is comprehensible, without ambiguity and is consistent. After all, I appreciate that 20 odd years isn’t long enough to achieve this. And, as a result, Commissioners will be redundant (er, sorry Comms). Ok ok – I did say this is a dream. Not reality. Oddly, I spy lots of white coats rapidly closing in…..

    Hope this helps…… 😈


    Phil – have sent you a PM


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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