Ineligible Claims and Stats124

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    We are a Northgate site and have recently been instructed not to process claims that are over the capital threshold as ineligible, as the decision notice tells the claimant they are not entitled but lists their capital as nil which can be quite confusing for them.

    The alternative is that we have been advised to process these claims as NEW, however, I’m wondering how any other northgate users handle this? Would you process this as a full claim or do you only put in the capital details. I realise we would have to put in the tenancy type so that it can be recorded correctly for stats 124, but for private rent allawance cases would we still have to send a rent referral to the RO?


    Hi There,

    We are a Nothgate Site.

    If it is obvious that the claimant has in excess of £16k. we load as Ineligible but then send a special letter to explain it is because their capital exceeds. This details appeal rights. This is useful for Bonds etc.

    If it is a claim where there are a number of small amounts of benefit or the assessor cannot be sure that the capital exceeds 16 for the whole claim, we assess as new and this sends the notification letters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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