Info sharing with landlords ?

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    Hi there

    Where LHA is being paid to the claimant and the claimant has authorised the LA to share info with the landlord, is anyone writing to the landlord as a courtesy to advise the claim has been processed and the first payment date ? (We are paying by BACS)

    We are keen to keep the number of complaints from the landlords down, and maybe the number of cases where there are arrears and safeguard action is needed. Would it be good practice to send a brief letter to the landlord so they know to start chasing their rent payments ?

    I am keen to hear what other LAs are doing.


    Ozzies Mate

    What were you doing beforehand for cases where you paid claimant & they had given consent to discuss with LL?

    Why should the fact that LHA is being paid affect your existing procedures?

    Andy Shanks

    This issue was raised at our landlord forum and will no doubt be raised again at the one in June. Our line is that because LHA is supposed to encourage independance and allow the claimant to control their money, we would not be letting the Landlords know.
    Ozzie’s Mate is right in that we did not tell the landlords before LHA so why do it after.
    The situation we have now is that some landlords are taking copies of their tenants application forms [including all of the sharing info with landlords stuff] and after a couple of days ringing up and asking about the progress of their tenants claim. This has caused an increase in waiting times on the phones and is not a solution to the problem, more of a holding action.

    And yet I can see it from a landlords point of view, they want to let their property for the most money possible but also with the least hassle. I am waiting for a more concerted effort to drive holes through our vulnerability criteria next.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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