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    We are having a debate as to the date that should be used as the info rec’d date when processing a new claim. Should it be the date that all external info is recd such as from the claimant or should it be the date that all internal/external info is recd including setting up the ctax account?

    Julian Stanbury


    My gut reaction is use the date that the customer provided the information to process the claim.

    Afterall, the duty to decide a new claim is based on the customer meeting the conditions of providing reasonable evidence/information.

    If you are on Iworld, and you are waiting to process CTB and the delay is due to a new property not being banded – you can use the Treat As Made function to correct adjust the days to process sums.

    Hope it helps, Julian.

    chris harvey

    On Northgate it is the receipt date that is important for the new claims performance indicator (although as Julian says you can use the treat as made date in certain circumstances). The info received date is used for overpayment subsidy and is the date the authority received the last piece of information needed to decide the claim. For new claims this is not relevant as there will not be an overpayment created when you are deciding a new claim, only when you are processing a disadvantageous change of circumstance.
    So although it may appear that the info received date is not important for new claims, it does have one significance for stats purposes – it is used to measure the % of cases not processed in 14 days (another performance measure) so you should try and get the date as accurate as possible for this measure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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