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    hello folks,

    I know that the date all information is received is not all that important for processing New Claims however i wonder if anyone could give me their views on the following-

    – “normal” new claim- you would record the “Info Received Date” as the date you received the last piece of information that you needed to decide the claim.

    – Defective claim- where you request information and give the claimant 1 month to supply- if the information is not received in that time, you make a defective decision. In such a case your “info Received date” is the day after that 1 month time period expired.

    But what if the NEW claim is processed using an adverse inference. What date should be used as the “Info Received date”. For example a new claim made on 15/05/09, Information was requested that day and has mostly been supplied, BUT claimant has not provided proof of the child care costs she pays. The last piece of information for other parts of the claim was received on 05/06/09, but we wait until 15/06/09 (to see if CCC info is supplied) before processing the claim. We decide the claim at that point, making an adverse inference- that she in fact does not pay child care costs. But what should the Info Received Date in this case?

    – The date the last piece of “other” information was received- 05/06/09, or
    – The day after the 1 month period for supplying info- 16/06/09

    ??? What would you do?


    16/06/09 it was only after that date that you were in a position to make a decision on the claim.


    Thanks for your reply Jeff.

    Would anyone else disagree with Jeff’s view- or is that generally how we would all work?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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