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    I have called the so-called “helpline” number three times this morning.

    I’ve been cut-off, told that the Inland Revenue don’t do predictive changes for children becoming one year, and only received helpful advice once.

    Are the staff at Inland Revenue aware of our need for information and have they been told to expect our calls?? I still have another 20 queries on predictive changes.

    Any ideas on how to get reliable information anyone???


    The good news is that I got through at 8.30 this morning with no trouble, spoke to an extremely helpful woman who gave me all the info. I needed on predictable changes (although had no idea what a proforma 2 was)! I’ve now got massess of cases to re-assess some with O/Ps’!!:27::27:


    Hopefully you have received Paul Howarth’s note on the new number and resolving the issues with the IR staff. I presume this is a Call Centre; as usual with this horrible invention, whether the staff have actually been fully trained is impossble to know. I should add that I got through to a helpful person this morning too.

    Incidentally, despite the just released Circular on official error overpayments, I(and some colleagues on the working group) maintain that it is for the LA to decide what is an “official error”, either by DWP or the Revenue, under reg 99. If there are errors on the proformas, these MUST surely be non-recoverable and attract the full rate of subsidy (and I do not think you have to jump through hoops to justify this either). I appreciate the customer has some responsibility but so many customers are saying “I applied months ago but have heard nothing” that I supect we got the forms back well before the award letters were issued.

    Laura Moore

    After listening to endless ‘Let it Be’, I got throught to a woman who was very pleasant but told me ‘we have never heard of these proformas, my computer won’t give me any information on them, I’ll pass your name and number to the only man who knows what they are’. He sounds like he will be rather busy! So if he finally gets back to me, where do I stand about identifying any overpayments? I have 4 proforma 1’s that say ‘N’ to nil award, but don’t have any figures on, and 19 proformas 2’s with ‘predictable change’ written in the WTC box, but CTC details have been provided. I wonder what, if anything, the I.R. have advised these customers?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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