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    We are in the process of agreeing the internal audit programme for the Benefit Service for 2010/11 and I have been advised that our internal team propose 80 person days (auditor time) to conduct audits on;

    HB Key Controls: 20 days
    Overpayments: 20 days
    HB Assessment: 20 days
    Subsidy: 10 days
    HB Fraud: 10 days

    This is the “normal” amount of time allocated to the Benefit Service, irrespective of where processes have not changed and there seems to be no offer of a light touch approach.

    I have spoken to other managers and have been advised that 80 days seems excessive, as its simply an internal audit process of a department.

    I’d be keen to hear from any sites who have or are in the process of agreeing their audit programme and whether you have any comparible resource figures.

    My concern is the inevitable impact on staff having to respond to audit queries. (This is in addition to a KLOE inspection and external audit). There may also be efficiency savings for our Audit Team if they are allocating too much time and covering areas that are not required.

    Many thanks



    To a certain extent this will depend upon what Audits have been undertaken in the past and how the service had been found to be performing in those Audit.

    In general though 80 days on top of KLOE and External Audit would appear to me to be [b:41df65f460]so [/b:41df65f460]over the top that it sounds like someone is having you on.

    10-15 days would be more like it in my opinion, at my LA it is likely to be less than that this year.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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