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    Can anyone tell me if an LA can decide to make all of its claims web based? I have been asked if this is possible under current HB Regs, and i cannot find anything – although i would have thought that it was not actually practical to insist upon this method.
    Any suggestions welcome!


    So anyone without a computer couldn’t claim? That’s one way of reducing workload!

    Kevin D

    In my view, HBRs 83(1)&(2) inherently include the right of a claimant to insist on claiming on a “hard” form. If a LA “insisted” it would only allow me to claim via the internet, I would be very surprised if such an approach was supported by a Tribunal.

    Also, as you indicate, there are obvious practical difficulties. What about those without access to the internet? I can’t see it being acceptable to insist claimants go to an internet cafe to claim. That incurs a cost and HBR 83(2) makes it clear forms must be provided free of charge. Further, nothing in HB/CTB legislation allows a LA to insist prospective claimants “must” attend the LA’s office(s) in order to claim (although one or two have tried precisely this approach – entirely unlawfully) so it cannot be argued that the LA has the web-based facilities at its own premises.

    This sounds like yet another example of LAs looking to put administrative expedience above assisting claimants.


    From A18/2006 which introduced e-claiming.

    [b:85fd09a495]Continuation of traditional methods for making claims[/b:85fd09a495]
    56 Whilst telephone or electronic claiming may be offered as methods of Claiming, LAs must continue to offer customers the option of making a
    traditional, written claim. This is to safeguard those customers who may not have access to information technology or even a telephone.


    Thank you for these views – my thoughts entirely! trying to insist upon this would penalise huge numbers of claimants. I was just worried that although it seems daft, there might be something in the regs that would allow this…

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