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    Has anyone found that many new claims are appearing as high risk cases identified by HBMS that they would not expect? I have found a few claims where the risk has been considered high, but I have a feeling that the reason for this is because the claim hasn’t been “reviewed” for some time so scores “points” on that criteria – but does that really make it more “risky” than some of the other claims.

    This isn’t a major issue for my authority as we do not visit all new claims as a matter of course, but if the claim has been as a result of a welfare visit, the intervention could be created within weeks of the initial visit. In my mind this isn’t necessarily a very risky case.


    There have certainly been some strange cases come up on these lists. As of yet, I have not seen many of our self-employed cases come up, but have seen a number of i/s cases with non-dep’s. We have also seen some new claims come up towards the top of the list.

    BRING BACK RENEWALS!! It may be more work than these reviews, but at least everyone knew exactly what needed to be done. I appreciate that we should not harass pensioners to complete forms each year, but why couldn’t they just allow pensioners a 3 year benefit period? It seems that they have the scope to increase the percentage of reviews from 40% to 80% p.a., and our Benefits Manager claims that on a recent conference, the DWP said they were considering increasing to 80% within 2 years. Surely then we are steadily returning to renewals!?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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