Invalid rent increases and DHP’s

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    We have a landlord who seems to specialise in taking vulnerable women and going straight for a dhp on grounds of vulnerable, fleeing violence etc.

    In the most part, we pay.

    He has recently put the rent up on one case at the same time the DHP has expired 😉 – to put pressure on the tenant to put pressure on us.

    However, the rent increase (I don’t think is valid) because it only gave the tenant a couple of days notice. (also coincides with interest rate rise 😉 ) .

    He has also fabricated a rent book showing that she owes a proportion of the third world debt in rent arrears – again to put pressure on her & us.

    Not sure where we stand with rent increases that are not valid – bearing in mind we would probably end up paying as a dhp anyway.

    Can anyone advise ?



    Sounds like fraud to me (get the tenant and him interviewed for conspiracy to defraud) – especially if he has ‘fabricated’ the rent book. Also why not introduce him to Housing Enforcement to get him registered.
    My other option would be to call his bluff.


    when i say fabricated – I don’t mean the book itself – just the amounts.
    Probably just a landlord scare tactic – blind the person with science knowing they won’t be able to work it out for themselves…

    With regard to the rent increase – advice from housing is that if an assured shorthold has expired. For a rent increase to be valid – the landlord needs to produce a new tenancy agreement or give the tenant 28 days notice.

    We have decided to pay the DHP but put a couple of conditions on it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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