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    I am doing housing benefit nvq level 3 😕 and use various websites to source the required info. generally use this site, dwp one of course, and a couple of other sites the names i forget at the moment.
    does anyone have any web sites which are very user friendly as some times feel like i am going round in ever dercreasing circles trying to clarify some info.

    dave 😆


    For the mandatory technical units (5 to 7) the CPAG HB and CTB legislation is a must together with Zebedee, Ward and Lister. as a nicety the IRRV Benefits case law disc looks good although by its very nature will become out of date. If you are working for an LA then some of these should available at the office, if not then it’s going to be expensive.
    If you are taking Unit 8 (fraud) and working in a fraud section then the IRRV HB/CTB fraud book is useful to top up Knowledge and Understanding using the exercises provided.

    For the customer services Units there are some NVQ level 3 books although they are not specific to councils. Look on Amazon you may find some used ones. as an example Cutomer Servoce by Woods, Hebron and Bradley printed by Heinemann ISBN 0 435 45227 4

    I have not found any websites specific to these NVQs but as a last point your message just referred to HB, don’t forget CTB as it’s just as important

    Hope this helps and good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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