Is Amendment 10 on the way?

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    Laura Moore

    At a recent IRRV forum I went to, the 18/6 DWP ‘aide-memoire’ was discussed. People there felt, that in trying to follow DWP guidance, we had ended up treating claimants differently according to what the latest information was. Using the date of the IR letter as the effective date, rather than the actual date of payment seemed wrong, as it has already been established that the date of the letter is not necessarily the date it is posted by the IR. The memo also refers to identifying Departmental overpayments, but I understood this option was available to 15/6/03 only. The speaker, David Airey, indicated that the DWP were not entirely satisfied with this memo either, and that further clarification would be issued in Amendment 10, which was due shortly. Has anyone heard when it will be issued? Just about everyone seems to receive these amendements before I do!


    I doubt very much that Amendment 10 or Amendement 100 for that matter will make this stuff any clearer. I talked to the Adelphi today and they made it clear that they are not about to issue Amendment 10 any time soon. I asked whether we were talking weeks or months and they refused to commit.

    If anyone reading this is interested in what to do with all those CTC cases where kids reach 16/19 and the award ends mid-year you may like to ask the Adelphi because they will tell anyone that asks the secret.

    I would like to say more about my conversation but I am concerened about being sued for libel!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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