Is this Aif for modifying?

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    Savings Credit Pensioner has moved in with his partner.

    I have used his Savings Credit and Aif to calculate Hb and Ctb; I know the Pension Service have not taken into account his new partner or her income.

    It has been suggested to me that this Aif should be modified to take account of his partner’s income. There is an example of this in the Pension Credit Handbook (partner abroad).

    I thought the only circumstances where modifying may be necessary is to give increased Hb/Ctb?

    Adding partner’s income would reduce Hb/Ctb; can anyone confirm what I should have done if it was not what I did?


    I think you have done it correctly. It is a change of circs that the pensioner should have notified to TPS. You should wait for a new AIF/SC figure before amending. If he has failed to report the change then you should do so.
    However it is not correct to say that modifying the AIF will always produce more HB. E.g. ( until Apr 05) we should add CTC and CB to the AIF. Also when TPS has removed the partner after four weeks ( e.g. gone abroad0 and we keep them on the claim for up to 13 weeks. However this is not the same as your case (in my opinion, for what it’s worth)[/i]


    if you ask me then you should modify the aif accordingly (to show partners income) as thats what the regs seem to suggest. ra ra ra.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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