Is it April 1st?

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    Thanks for that Lee 😀

    At least the day got off on a smile :bigsmile:

    Lee Fearon

    They certainly have high hopes for UC. They’re marketing it as some sort of elixir that will cure all ills.

    “Too much fraud and error in your welfare system?
    Tired of having to calculate and recover nasty overpayments?
    Tribunal submissions getting you down?
    Angry at stories in the Daily Mail of feckless families with too many kids living high off the hog on benefits while you have to work?

    Don’t worry Dr IDS’s Universal Credit will make your welfare troubles disappear. Just take 2 spoonfuls with a pinch of salt and watch in amazement as welfare administration becomes child’s play, rents tumble, jobs are created, the sick rise up and work and the long term unemployed forego their benefits and make a positive contribution to society.

    Available online from Direct Gov and all good Coalition stores.

    Also available:

    Gorgeous Gove’s Education Elixir – Just 1 spoonful and your child will become a genius overnight.
    Lovely Lansley’s – Healthcare Cure – Allows Doctors to choose which private provider buggers up your long term treatment”.

    Right, I’m off for a lie down.



    Darren Tompkins

    😀 That’s going on the wall.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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