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    I have been asked to post this for other views/comments.

    We have a few different opinions in our office.

    A tenant has asked if he can have his Local Housing Allowance paid into a bank account that is a joint account with his landlord.




    You could always ask “why?” and see what the answer is before you decide.
    It sounds like an attempt to try to get around the payments of LHA going to tenant – but it may be a genuine case where there is a reason for this arrangement 8)


    It’s an interesting one. If the claimant’s bank account happens to be joint with the landlord, I don’t see what an LA can do other than pay into it….but of course it does raise all sorts of reasonable questions for the LA to ask about the relationship between the two individuals. So if it is designed to get round the payment rules it could end up causing more hassle for the LL.

    In any case it seems alot of trouble to go to if you ask me.

    Julian Hobson

    If this is a true joint account that doesn’t require both parties to sign then I fail to see how it benefits the Landlord. If it isn’t that sort of account and is some other that requires both to sign then I’m not sure you could be deemed to be paying to the customer, the account/ relationship between the parties may well be another entity.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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