Joint Council Tenants and Apportioning Rent

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    Am currently in the process of trying to write procedures where one joint tenant moves out of a council flat and we have to decide how much rent to apportion to the remaining tenant.

    I’ve had a look at CH/3376/2002 and have taken the advice on board but am slightly confused by it.

    Reg 12(5) talks about the need to take into account the number of tenants and the proportion paid by each but does not state how it is relevant. I am assuming that the more joint tenants there are then the more likely the rent could be apportioned amongst the remainder as the amount of benefit being paid would not increase as much as where there were only two tenants.

    Looking at the other criteria set out by Commissioner Jacobs, it would seem that council tenants are much more likely to have the whole rent apportioned to them, since many council tenants are likely to have support needs and the fact that there is unlikely to be alternative accommodation made available to them, since Camden operates a Choice-Based Letting system and no longer makes direct offers of accommodation to tenants, which would rule out offering them a new flat as a sole tenant.

    I was just wondering what policies other councils have regarding this matter as we don’t have anything at the moment and the decision making is quite inconsistent.


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