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    The claimant lives with his brother as a joint tenant.  The rental liability has been split 50/50.

    The claimant is currently unemployed and not claiming Jobseekers Allowance.  He hasn't claimed since 2010 when he signed off because he had a disagreement with an advisor and he did not want to sign on again.

    The claimant stated that he was supported by the joint tenant (his brother) and the claim has been assessed on a miscellaneous income since 2010.

    The review I have received shows that he still has no income.

    However, looking at the letter he previously provided he states that his brother was paying for his share of the rent.  The brother is financially able to pay this (December pay showed gross income of £8,133 for the month).

    Based on the statement provided by claimant and joint tenant would you treat the claimant as not being liable for rent and not entitled to HB? and are there any regs to support?

    Or should I just continue his claim as normal?

    Same question in regards to CTax.


    As far as i am aware your customer still has a rental liability and therefore is entitled to claim HB regardless of the fact that his brother is supporting him. The customer would also qualify for the 2 bed rate under ” common household”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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