Joint tenant with shared non dep in property

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    Jan Canfield

    Looking at the LHA manual it seems to say, in the example they have given, that four rooms would be allowed in this instance, as each 50% claimant can have a bedroom for the non dependant.
    It does not say that in the LHA advice on this site-have I read the manual correctly?


    I think you have read the manual correctly, and Regulation 13D (3) will allow each tenant two rooms, as they both qualify for the shared non-dep to be included in their household. In matter of fact if 50% of their full rent liability – the “cap rent” – plus 15 quid is lower than the two room rate, they would only be eligible for the maximum rent (LHA) of cap+£15.

    The case illustrated (at para. 2.27) is specifically where the non dep is “shared” between households. When the non dep “belongs” to one tenant only, or joint tenants have no non-deps the shared room rate comes into play.

    Jan Canfield

    Thanks for the confirmation-I hope not too many claims will have that scenario!


    Jan – I am not sure where you have seen this differently on the site? The original plan was that only the first JT would get the extra bedroom but that was abandoned so it has now reverted back that all will get the extra bedroom (unless the non-dep clearly belongs to one JT …although that is going to be a bit more problematic as other threads suggest).


    This issue was identified by a number of the pathfinders. The DWP said they would deal with it as a part of national rollout. I think their way of “dealing with it” is the £15 cap.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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