Joint tenant/LHA/Rent referral?

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    LHA? My favourite topic 🙁

    We have received a claim where the claimant has stated he is a joint tenant. He lives in a room in a caravan, on a caravan park, and shares the living room kitchen/bathroom/toilet with the landlord.

    The tenancy agreement is between the company that rents to the landlord, there are no pitch fees as caravan is movable by landlord at anytime to another pitch, landlord has named claimant as an occupier on the tenancy agreement and is subject to some of the conditions in the agreement.

    1. Do I class this as a subtenancy rather than a joint tenancy?

    2. Is this LHA scheme or does this need referral as claimant rents a room rather then the caravan?

    All thoughts/responses appreciated…

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