Joint tenants with shared ND (Northgate)

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    This is the scenario that we are currently testing:

    A brother and sister are JTs with their father as shared ND:

    Total rent is £161.54pw split 50/50 between JTs, with JT added to claim so ND deduction is aportioned at 50%

    Per regs and GM each JT is allowed the 2 bedroom rate – £126.00pw

    We have worked this out that if both JTs are on IS and have separate LHA claims their joint weekly benefit is £252.00pw (less ND deduction) – far in excess of their actual rent including the £15.00 cap.

    Is this right??????? As far as we can see it’s right but also seems completely wrong at the same time!!!!!!



    Each tenant would be entitled to £80.77 + £15, which would mean their eligible LHA would be £95.77


    Well that’s what we thought but Northgate isn’t doing this if the rent is higher than the LHA.

    When we tried the same scenario with the rent lower than the LHA we got the calculation you quoted.



    ❓ But the cap rent isn’t higher than the LHA.

    £126 is more than £95.77

    Looks like Northgate is not splitting the rent before it compares it to the LHA, or you have not done what you need to do in order to make NG split the rent for comparison with LHA


    Precisely because of £126 is higher than £95.77, £95.77 should apply. The cap representing the maximum “surplus”.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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