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    Hi wonder if someone can advise – this may seem straightforward but we have not had a case like this before.
    Basically, customer is in receipt of jsa income based – he starts work working 15 hours per week. CIS still shows jsa in payment. The Welfare Officer that has been dealing with his case has said that as he is only doing 15 hours per week and he is on a three month trial – they are keeping his jsa claim open but he has to send his payslips every month and as his earnings are higher he will not receive any payments from jsa but his claim will still be live and he is still signing.

    Based on this would you amend the claim to a standard claim based on earnings – and if so would he still be entitled to a run on even though we do not have a stop date for jsa?

    Chris Robbins

    However the Welfare Officer wants to put it, the DWP have made a superseding decision to remove entitlement to JSA on income grounds. As far as I am concerned that is a relevant change of circumstances which falls to be actioned from the date entitlement to JSA ceased under HBR Reg 79 and DAR Reg 7.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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