JSA starts later than entitlement date

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    Just wanted to check what everyone else was doing.

    First contact date 15.12.08, new claim received on 29.12.08.
    Entitlement date would be 22.12.08.

    We write out for proof of of claimants income and capital but discover that they receive JSA IB from 02.01.09.

    Would you create a new claim period from 05.01.09 as we have proof of their income from this date whilst waiting for proof of their income from 22.12.08-01.01.09. Or would you set the claim up from 22.12.08 and pend the claim until will receive all the information?

    Also if they do not provide the information for this period would you just amend the start date to 05.01.09. 🙄


    I think, as I am sure of entitlement from 05/01/09, I would treat this as an advanced claim (To be revised) for now while further evidence is gathered, this would be be good for stats and would not cause hardship to claimant.

    If there is no further information provided then there is nothing to revise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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