La Error o/p made unrecoverable and subsequent increase in HB award

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    Hi all
    We are struggling with what to do where we have made a LA error unrecoverable and now the claimant is entitled to an increased award of HB for the o/p period.
    How do we deal with this – it does not seem right to pay out the extra -can this be used to ‘offset’ the unrecoverable amount or as the o/p has been made unrecoverable are we not allowed to do this?


    What you are doing here is revising the overpayment as a result of further revising/superseding the awarding decision[s].

    First you paid HB under the original decision[s].
    Next you revised and/or superseded the original decision[s] and furtgher decided that there was an overpayment.
    Now you have further revised/superseded the original decision[s], and as a consequence the claimant was not overpaid as much as you first thought. The o/p is therefore reduced and the smaller amount is now unrecoverable. This is important because you are entitled to full subsidy on the claimant’s proper entitlement as most recently revised.


    Thanks for this Peter – we were getting bogged down with the number of revisions/supersessions!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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