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    With the efficiency agenda so important at the moment I was wondering if anyone had made a concerted effort to ensure they receive all the available subsidy from this source by ensuring they are under the lower threshold.

    If anyone has or has any idea’s for reducing LA errors I would appreciate some help.

    We look like we will be struggling to make our target so have 3 months rectify this.

    Any help much appreciated.



    There is only one way to reduce LA errors and that is to act on information promptly.

    That may be by suspending cases promptly when notified of a change by telephone or processing changes promptly when notified in writing.

    Here we work on the basis that changes reported by telephone (where appropriate obviously) have payments suspended whilst the claimant is still on the phone and changes of circumstances reported in writing are processed the next working day. We did still manage to have £98,000 of LA error overpayments last year, however, but that was under our lower threshold (just)


    When you suspend, do you then write to the customer and LL to notify them of the suspension?

    Also, not knowing what your caseload etc is, do you process all changes the next day or just the changes that will cause op’s?

    Just to add to another strand to this…

    Customer notifies us of a change on day 1
    no proof supplied so we request it on day 2
    On day 9 the info is received and we process the change, there is an op.

    Does the LA error start on day 1 or day 9?


    Yes, we send a letter to both claimant and (where payment is made to LL) to the landlord.

    The overpayments manual states

    “When all of the information needed to process a change of circumstances that would reduce a claimant’s HB/CTB entitlement is received, action it before the claimant’s next payday. If it is not actioned before the next payday, any overpayment from the first day of the benefit week following receipt of all of the information should be classified as an LA official error.”

    So it is only potentially LA error from the date that “all of the information needed to process a change” has been received.


    That’s great – thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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